7 chakras wall hanging * free pattern


Here is a super simple, one-day crochet project to add some colour, energy, and vibrancy to your space.  Hang it in in your bedroom to remind yourself to center and balance yourself for the day.  Would also be perfect in a yoga studio or meditation space.

Here is the free crochet pattern:


I picked colours based on the chakras as described in ‘The Reiki Healing Handbook’ by Janet Green, but there are variations online.  I chose red, orange-yellow, yellow, green, blue, purple and white.

Around the first five circles, I choose a bright orange to make the colours pop.  Around the orange is a multi-colour earthy-toned yarn.

Around the 6th and 7th chakra circles, I have white and then the same orange-yellow I used for the 2nd chakra circle.

I used a light blue to hold all the circles together.

I used the same blue as the 5th chakra to sew the beads.

Beads: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink/purple, and white.  The beads are wood beads, which I purchased at a dollar store.  The top two white beads are plastic.


ch = chain; sc = single crochet; sl st = slip stich; st = stitch; db cr = double crochet, tr cr = triple crochet

Hook: 4.0

CHAKRAS – make 7

Work in rounds to make 7 circles in each chakra colour:

Round 1: ch 2, 8 sc in 2nd ch from hook

Round 2: 2 sc in each st around (16)

Round 3: (1 sc, 2 sc in next st) repeat around (24)

Round 4: (1 sc in next 2 st, 2 sc in next st) repeat around (32) . sl st and fasten off

Round 5: Attach the secondary colour (orange or white) into the back post of the same st. Single crochet in back posts only around (32). sl st and fasten off.

Round 6: Attach third colour (earthy tone or yellow-orange) in the back post of the same st. Single crochet in back posts only around (32)


Round 7: Attach light Blue or colour of choice to the base/root chakra circle in the back post of round 6.  Work 26 sc in the back posts around leaving 6 unworked stitches.  (Chain 10.  sc in three back post st of the next chakra circle) repeat for chakras 3-6.  Chain 10. Back post sc into the 7th chakra circle and continue around completing 26 sc and leaving 6 unworked stitches.  (Chain 10, backpost sc in 3 st of next chakra) repeat until all the chakras are attacked. chain 10 and sl st into beginning st of the root chakra

NOTE – ensure your circles will be straight by centering your 3 st on both sides, leaving the same number of unworked st on both sides.  I eyeballed it when I did mine and the result is a bit off centered.

Round 8: working regular loops now:  sc in each next 26 st.  At the chain 10 space, sc 10 (around the entire ch, not the loops), sc in next 3 stitches.  Continue around working sc into sc st and 10 sc into ch 10 spaces.


Fasten off and reattach at the bottom corner or sl st until you are at the bottom corner.

You will now be working in Rows to create the bottom decoration:

Row 1:  Ch 5, skip 1 st, tr cr in next st, ch 12, skip 7 st. triple crochet in next st, chain 5, skip one st, single crochet in next st, slip st, ch 1 and turn

Row 2: In ch 5 sp: 2 sc , 2 half db cr, 1 sc. Sc in tr cr st. In chain 12 space:  sc, half db cr, 2 db cr, 3 tr cr, 2 db cr, half db cr, 1 sc. Sc in tr cr st. In ch 5 space: sc. 2 half db, 2 sc. Sl st, Fasten off and sew in the end.


Attach light blue to the top blue chakra at the beginning of the join.

Row 1: sc in next 12 st, ch 4, skip one st, sc in each next of 12, sl st and fasten off.  sew in the ends.


Use dark blue or colour of choice to sew the beads.  The red bead will hang below the light blue decoration.  Thread the yarn behind the red circle coming out the top st of the earthy tone, slide on the orange bead, thread behind and come out earthy tone of the top of the orange chakra and thread on the yellow bead (continue to top).  If you chose, thread the yarn to create a bow in the top charkra as I did.


I used an adhesive wall hook to hang my chakras from the top ch 4 space.  In order to keep it flush to the wall, I also added some adhesive tape to the the back of every other circle.


I hope you enjoy your own chakra wall hanging!

Please contact me for any difficulties or questions about this pattern.  Please do not copy and sell this pattern.  Please reference my site for any distribution or selling of the finished product! 🙂








A quick easy crochet skull dice bag: free pattern 

This is a very easy one day crochet project.  This skull dice bag is for my son and is worked in simple rounds. 

In black with size 5 HK:

Round 1 : ch 2, 8 sc in 2nd ch from hook

Round 2: 2 sc in ea sc (16)

Round 3: 2 sc, 1 sc around (24)

Round 4: 2 sc, 1 sc in next 2 sc (32)

Round 5: sc in back loops only around (32)

Rounds 6- 17: sc around (32)

Round 18: sc 2 tog, sc (24)

Round 19: dc in back loops only (24)

Round 20-21: dc around (24)

Round 22: sc around (24).Fasten off and sew in end 

In white in size 3.5 HK: ch 100.  Tie off ends.  Use a hook to thread the string in and end of the row of back loops.

Skeleton head: in white with 3.5 HK 

Round 1: ch 2, 8sc in 2nd ch from HK.

Round 2: 2 sc in ea sc (16)

Round 3: 2 sc, 1 sc around (24).  

Sew on bag.  Use black thread to embroider a mouth.  Use small black eyes (I found mine on Amazon), buttons or embroidery to make the eyes.  

Finished!  Easy peasy crochet Skelton dice bag for the D&D player in your life! 



My four year old daughter loves ballet.  She also loves every item I crochet.  In her room there is a collection of crochet castaways – mistakes I have made from failed experimentation.  With her though, they are loved.

I wanted to make something special just for her for Easter.  Not just a throw away item that one day I may want to deny having made.

I can’t wait to give her this crochet ballerina doll, made especially for my lil ballerina!

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