*Free* Crochet Pattern — Eeyore!

“A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference.”

I hope you enjoy this new series of patterns inspired by Winnie the Pooh. These small characters make perfect little pocket companions and are great for little hands to grasp. Next up is the ever-relatable: Eeyore!

Skill Level and techniques: Beginner with sc stitches worked in rounds and rows.

Supplies: Crochet hook size 3.5

Yarn needle

Fiberfill stuffing

Yarn in

  • light blue
  • aran (off-white)
  • white
  • black
  • pink
  • lavender


hk – hook

ch- chain

sc – single crochet

sl st -slip stitch

st – stitch

sc2tog (=dec=inv dec) – decrease two single crochet stitches into 1 sc

ea – each

sk – skip

fo – fasten off


Start with the snout in aran

Rd 1: ch 2, 8sc in 2nd ch from hk (8)

Rd 2: 2sc around (16)

Rd 3: (sc, 2sc) around (24)

Rd 4: sc around (24)

Fo aran and switch to light blue:

Rd 5-9: sc around (24)

Rd 10: (sc, sc2tog) around (16)

Rd 11-12: sc around (16)


Rd 13: sc2tog around (8) sl st and FO, finish stuffing and sew closed.

Finishing the face:

Use back to embroider the stitches, mouth, nostril, pupils, and eyebrows as the picture. Use white yarn or floss for the eye whites and eye sparkle.

Cut strands of black yarn for the hair. Tie them to the top of his head. Use your fingers or a needle to separate the yarn into its 4 individual strands. Brush with a round or steel brush to fluff the hair. Add as many hairs as you want until you are happy with the volume.

Ears (in light blue) make 2:

Rd 1: ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hk (6)

Rd 2: sc around (6)

Rd 3: (sc, 2sc) around (9)

Rd 4-6: sc around (9)

Rd 7: (sc in 2, 2sc) around (12)

Rd 8: sc around (12)

Rd 9: (sc in 3, 2sc) around (15)

Rd 10-12: sc around (15)

Rd 13: (sc in 2, sc2tog) around (12)

Rd 14: (sc, sc2tog) around (8)

Rd 15-16: sc around (8).

sl st, FO, do not stuff. Sew to top of head.


Neck and Body in light blue:

Rd 1: ch 20, sl st into a circle and sc around (20)

Rd 2: sc around (20)

Rd 3: ch 6, 2sc in 2nd ch from hk, sc in next 3 ch, sc around, sc back up the other side of the ch, 2sc in last ch. (30)

Rd 4: 2sc in 2sc, sc around the body, sc back up the extension with 2sc in the last 2sc (34)

Rd 5: 2sc, sc around, 2sc in last sc (36)

Rd 6-8: sc around (36).

sl st FO

Front Underbelly flap in lavender:

Locate the middle front of the body. count 2 st back from the middle and attach lavender.

Row 1-5: sc in 5, ch 1, turn. At the end of row 5, sl st, FO and leave a long tail for sewing

Front Legs in light blue: You are going to repeat this on either side of the lavender underbelly

Rd 1: Attach light blue, sc in 6, ch 4, sl st to first sc to form a circle, ch 1 and sc in same sp as sl st.

Rd 2-4: sc around (10)

Rd 5: sc2tog around (5). sew closed.

Underbelly flap – side in lavender :

Attach lavender beside one of the front legs (in the same st as the leg attachment)

Row 1-6: sc in 4, ch 1, turn. At the end of Row 6, sl st, FO. Sew directly across to the other side of the body. Make sure it lines up evenly.

Back Legs: in light blue, make 2

Attach light blue in the same st as the side flap and follow the same stitches as the front legs.

Underbelly Flap – back in lavender:

Attach lavender in same st as the back leg and work in the middle back of Eeyore’s body by following the same stitches as the front belly flap.

Finishing the body: Stuff the legs and body as you work.  Sew the front and black flaps to the middle flap and to the legs. If you desire, you can narrow the space between legs by pulling the sewing tight.

Finishing the neck: Reattach blue to the back of the neck. The following stitches will help with the position of the head:

Row 1: sc, 5dc, sc, FO. Finish stuffing the body and sew the head onto the neck.Tail in light blue:

Attach light blue to Eeyore’s body with a sl st and sc. ch 6. FO

Tie strands of black yarn to the last ch. Separate the yarn into 4 strands and use a brush to frizz.

Tail Bow in Pink:

Row 1: ch 6, sc in 2nd ch from hk and in ea st across (5)

Rd 2-3 ch 1, turn, sc across (5). sl st, FO

Attach pink yarn into the middle of the bow. Wrap around tightly several times to create the bow shape. Tie in place and sew to the tail.

And that’s it!



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