*free* Donkey pattern

Hello my friends! These last few years have been crazy to say the least! I have not kept up with saving my patterns well. Unfortunately, this meant when a repeat order came through, having to look back at the photos and figure it out all over again! So, this time, I am going to save... Continue Reading →

*Free* Crochet Pattern – Tigger

T-I-double-guh-er! That spells Tigger! I hope you enjoy this new series of patterns inspired by Winnie the Pooh. These small characters make perfect little pocket companions and are great for little hands to grasp. Now to bring some fun into the collection with: Tigger! Skill Level and techniques: Intermediate with sc stitches worked in rounds... Continue Reading →

*Free* Crochet Pattern Minnie Mouse

I hope you enjoy this easy Minnie Mouse Stuffy crochet pattern! Skill Level/Techniques: intermediate/beginner - worked in rounds and rows with sc, hdc, and dc Materials Hook size 3.5 Yarn needle Fiber Fill stuffing Yarn: Red heart super saver - black Red heart super saver - pretty n pink Off white (Aran) light pink white black... Continue Reading →

*Free Crochet Pattern* Branch doll from ‘Trolls’

I hope you enjoy this simple Branch crochet doll! Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate Techniques: Made using single crochet in rounds and rows Supplies: Hook size 4.0 and 3.5 (use smaller hk when indicated) Yarn Needle yarn in colours: light blue or grey/blue (head/body) lavender (nose) dark blue or black (hair, eyebrows, mouth) brown (shorts) green (shirt)... Continue Reading →

*Free* Pattern Spiderman

With the recent passing of the legendary Stan Lee, it seemed appropriate to share with you this free Spiderman crochet stuffie pattern. I can't imagine someone who breathed so much life, adventure, and culture into this world could ever truly be gone! Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate Techniques: Made using single crochet in rounds and rows and... Continue Reading →

*Free* Pattern: Skillet and Eggs

Why not make your own play food? It is soft, safe, washable and super cute! This is a simple pattern that whips up quickly. You will need: hook sizes 4.5 and 3.5 yarn needle black medium worsted weight yarn bulky grey yarn white medium worsted weight yarn yellow medium worsted weight yarn fiberfill stuffing Skill... Continue Reading →

*Free* Pattern: Sandwich

How will you stack your crochet sandwich? This fun play set is great for kids! Before you begin, you will need: Materials: hook size 3:5 yarn needle medium worsted weight yarn in: off-white dark brown pink light brown light red dark red mustard orange olive green a different shade of green than olive dark green... Continue Reading →

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