Flower Crown

I love this Princess Flower Crown!  Well, look at how she wears it!?  She makes my heart melt!

I do not have a full pattern for you as I took other people’s patterns and combined them into this.  What I can do instead, is tell you how you can make it!

  1. use green and 4.5 crochet hook to foundation single crochet the diameter of the head you are making it for.  Sl st closed
  2. make 4 large flowers – I used the book ‘201 crochet motifs, blocks, projects and ideas‘ by Melody Griffiths – Narcissus (p.13), Raised Rosette (p.18; rds 1-6 only), Clematis (p.19; rds 1-2 only) and the Waterlily (p.21; omitting the background rd).
  3. Sew your flowers onto the green band you made and weave in all the ends
  4. using the green, make 7-9 leaves from Repeat Crafter Me and sew to the back of the band, weaving in all the ends.
  5. Put your completed flower crown on the adorable Little in your life, and watch her transform into a nature spirit!



Of course, I can make it for you instead!  Just head over to my Shop!

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