*Free* Crochet Pattern Winne the Pooh

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

I hope you enjoy this new series of patterns inspired by Winnie the Pooh. These small characters make perfect little pocket companions and are great for little hands to grasp.

Of course, we will start with the star of the show and my personal favourite:

Winnie the Pooh!

Skill Level and techniques: Beginner with sc stitches worked in rounds and rows


Crochet hook size 3.5

Yarn hook

Fiberfill stuffing

Safety eyes (Do not use for children under 3 – instead stitch on or crochet your eyes)

Yarn in

  • red
  • yellow
  • black (or use embroidery thread)


hk – hook

ch- chain

sc – single crochet

sl st -slip stitch

st – stitch

sc2tog (=dec=inv dec) – decrease two single crochet stitches into 1sc

ea – each

sk – skip

fo – fasten off

Head and body (yellow)

Rd 1: ch 2, 6sc in 2nd ch from hk (6)

Rd 2: 2sc around (12)

Rd 3: (sc, 2sc) around (18)

Rd 4: (sc in 2, 2sc) around (24)

Rd 5-8: sc around (24)

Rd 9: (2sc)x3, sc in 6, (2sc)x3, sc in 12 (30)

Rd 10-12: sc around (30)

Rd 13: (sc in 3, sc2tog) around (24)

Rd 14: (sc in 2, sc2tog) around (18)

Insert your safety eyes rd 7-8

Rd 15: (sc, sc2tog) around (12)

Crocheter’s preference – You can fasten off the yellow here and make the snout and ears, or continue on and finish the body first. 

Stuff as you continue to work:

Rd 16: sc around (12)

Rd 17: (sc, 2sc) around (18)

Rd 18-20: sc around (18)

Rd 21: sc in 5, 2sc in 4, sc in 8 (21)

Rd 22: (sc in 5, sc2tog) around (18)

Rd 23: (sc, sc2tog) around (12)


Rd 24: sc2tog around (6). Sl st, FO, finish stuffing and sew closed.

Snout (yellow)

Rd 1: ch 2, 8sc in 2nd ch from hk

Rd 2: (sc, 2sc) around (12)

Rd 3: sc around (12)

Rd 4: 2sc in 3 (where the mouth will be embroidered). sl st, FO

Use black yarn or embroidery thread to embroider a mouth and nose on the snout. Stuff the snout and sew to face around Rds 10-14

Embroider eyebrows as shown in the picture.

Ears (yellow) make 2:

Row 1: ch 2, 4sc in 2nd ch from hk

Row 2: ch 1, turn, 2sc in each sc. (8) Do not join. FO, sew to head around Rds 3-5.

Arms: (yellow) make 2:

Rd 1: ch 2, 8sc in 2nd ch from hk (8)

Rd 2-7: sc around (8). sl st, fo and stuff. Sew arms to the body.

Feet (yellow) make 2:

Rd 1: ch 6, sc in 2nd ch from hk and in next 3ch, 3sc in end, work on the opppsite side of foundation ch, sc in 3, 2sc in last st (12)

Rd 2: sc in 5. 2sc, sc in 5, 2sc(14)

Rd 3: sc around (14)

Rd 4: sc in 5, sc2tog, sc2tog, sc in 5 (12)

Rd 5: sc in 4, sc2tog, sc2tog, sc in 4 (10)

Rd 6-7: sc around (10). sl st, fo, stuff and sew to body

Shirt – red

Row 1: ch 25, hdc in 3rd ch from hk and in ea st across (23)

Row 2-3: ch 1, turn, hdc across (23)

Rd 4: ch 1, turn, hdc in 5. (make armhole) ch 3, sk 3. hdc in 7, (make 2nd armhole) ch 3. sk 3. hdc in 5 (23)

Rd 5: sc around the entire coat in one rd. Fit shirt onto bear with the opening in the front. Sew closed. Do one more round of sc along the bottom edge only. sl st, FO

Reattach red at the armhole. sc around 3 times (10). Repeat for 2nd sleeve.

Shirt Collar: Rd 1: ch 19. sc in 2d ch from hk and in ea ch across, sl st closed(18)

Rd 2: sc around (18). – slide the collar through one foot at a time and up past his arms. Sew to the top of his shirt

And that’s it! So easy, right?!! 🙂


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