*Free* Pattern Spiderman

With the recent passing of the legendary Stan Lee, it seemed appropriate to share with you this free Spiderman crochet stuffie pattern.

I can’t imagine someone who breathed so much life, adventure, and culture into this world could ever truly be gone!


Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Techniques: Made using single crochet in rounds and rows and with tapestry crochet


Hook size 4.0 and 3.5- (I switched when I lost my 4.0 hook yet again! – I will tell you when as it may impact gauge)

Yarn Needle

Red Medium worsted weight yarn

Blue Medium worsted weight yarn

White medium worsted weight yarn

Black medium worsted weight yarn

Fibre Fill Stuffing


Rd – round

hk – hook

st – stitch

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

5dbl bobble st – 5 double crochet bobble st

ea – each

st – stitch

sc2tog – single crochet 2 st together to make 1 single crochet st (you may also use invisible decrease stitch)

sl st – slip stitch

FO – fasten off

Starting with the Head: in red with 4.0 hk

Rd 1: ch 2(or make a magic ring). Work 8sc in 2nd ch from hk (8)

Rd 2: 2sc around (16)

Rd 3: (2sc, sc) around (24)

Rd 4: (2sc, sc in 2) around (32)

Rd 5: (2sc, sc in 3) around (40)

Rd 6: (2sc, sc in 4) around (48)

Rd 7: (2sc, sc in 5) around (56)

Rd 8-20: sc around (56)

Rd 21: (sc2tog, sc in 5) around (48)

Rd 22: (sc2tog, sc in 4) around (40)

Rd 23: (sc2tog, sc in 3) around (32)

Rd 24: (sc2tog, sc in 2) around (24)


Rd 25: (sc2tog, sc) around (16)

Rd 26: sc around (16)


Rd 27: (2sc, sc) around (24)

Rd 28 (2sc, sc in 2) around (32)

Rd 29: (2sc, sc in 3) around (40)

You will now be working with the tapestry crochet technique

Rd 30-31: (blue): sc in 24 (red): sc in 16 (40)

Rd 32-37: (blue): sc in 25, (red): sc in 14, (blue): sc in last st (40)

Rd 38-40: (blue): sc in 27, (red): sc in 12 (blue): sc in last st (40)

Rd 41: (blue): sc in 1 st (red): sc in 39 (40) FO blue

Rd 42: (sc2tog, sc in 3) around (32).

Sl st and FO

Before moving on to the limbs, make your front and back spiderman symbols, eyes and web embroidery:

Eyes (make 2) in white:

Row 1: ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hk. Do not connect as you will be making a semi-circle

Row 2: ch 1, turn, 2 sc in ea sc (12)

Row 3: ch 1, turn, (sc, 2sc) in ea sc (18)

Rd 1: sc around the entire eye, including the bottom (approx 24-25 st)

Rd 2: Switch to black: sc around (25)

Sl st, FO and sew to face

Web Embroidery:

Using black and a yarn needle, create a web design along the face. Spiderman has black webs along all his red body parts. For simplicity, I chose to only embroider the front of his face.

Stuff face and neck firmly

Spider Logo – front torso – in black

Rd 1: ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hk. Ch 5. Hdc down the ch and sl st to circle. FO

Sew to body and embroider 8 legs as shown in picture

Spider Logo – back torso – in red


Rd 1: ch 2, 8 sc in 2nd ch from hk

Rd 2: 2 sc around (16)

sl st, fo, sew to back of the torso. Embroider 8 red legs as shown in the picture.

Stuff Torso Firmly

Legs: in blue:

Reattach blue to the torso and continue working in rounds:

Rd 43-45: sc around (32)

You will now divide your work into two sections to create the legs. Find the middle two stitches (4 altogether). Do no work in these 4 stitches. Each leg will be 14 sc.

Rd 46-58: sc around (14) FO. Do not sew legs closed.

Reattach blue to rd 45 and Repeat Rds 46-58 on the other side of your divided work to make the second leg.

sl st, FO. Stuff firmly. Sew the 4 stitches between the legs closed.

Boots (make 2) in red:

Rd 1: ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hk (6)

Rd 2: 2 sc around (12)

Rd 3: (2sc, sc) around (18)

Rd 4-6: sc around (18)

Switch to working in rows

Row 1: sc in 16, ch 1, turn (leaves 2 unworked sr from rd 6)

Row 2-4: sc in 16, ch 1, turn

Row 5: sl st in 7 st, sc in 4, ch 1, turn

Row 6-9: sc in 4, ch 1, turn

Return to working in rounds:

**your 4 rows are the back of the heel/part of the calf. You raise it to the height of the boot, sewing the flaps closed on either side after. Row 9 is part of round 1:

Rd 1: sc around the entire top (you will sew the heel flap closed afterward) (approx 15sc)

Rd 2-4: sc around (15)

Sl st, FO. Sew the heel flap closed along both sides. Stuff. Sew to bottom of legs

ARMS – here is where I lost my 4.0 hook and switched to my 3.5 hook!

The Arms are worked using tapestry crochet to switch between blue and red. The arms have the same pattern up until the thumb is made. One hand is a simple mitten. The other hand has the individual fingers to create Spiderman’s technique of producing webs.

Arm 1:

Rd 1: (Red): ch 12, sl st closed, sc in 6 (blue): sc in 6 (12)

Rd 2-15: (red): sc in 6 (blue): sc in 6 (12)


Rd 16-18: sc around (12)

Rd 19: (2sc, sc) around (18)

Rd 20-21: sc around (18)

Rd 22: 5db bobble st, sc around (18)

Rd 23: (sc2tog, sc) around (12)

Rd 24-25: sc around (12)

Rd 26: sctog (6)

Sl st, FO, stuff arm and hand, sew hand closed. Sew to the body.

Arm 2:

Repeat Rds 1-22 of Arm 1. Sl st, FO

Fingers: (make 4) in red

Rd 1: ch 2, 4 sc in 2nd ch from hk

Rd 2-5: sc around (4). SL st, Fo

You do not need to stuff fingers. Stuff arm. Sew fingers by sewing 2 sc to either side of Rd 22. Sew the two middle fingers down into the palm. Sew the arm to the body so that the palm is facing up.


Make sure all your ends are weaved in nicely!

And there you have it! Now you can have your own Spiderman stuffy to snuggle or gift to the hero in your life!

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