*Free* Crochet Pattern Mr. Feng (small mouse) from Nut Job 2

This little mouse from Nut Job 2 measures approx 10.5cm from the top of his crown to his little bottom and can easily be completed in one day!


Skill level: beginner. worked in sc rounds and rows


  • 3.5 crochet hook
  • yarn in:
    • white
    • pink
    • grey
  • white felt
  • blue safety eyes (not recommended for infants under 3)
  • white thread
  • sewing needle
  • yarn needle
  • stuffing
  • felt glue



ch = chain

hk = hook

sc = single crochet

sl st = slip stitch

sc2tog – single crochet 2 stitches together = decrease

st = stitch

ea = each

fo = fasten off


Starting with the head:

Rd 1: ch 2, 8sc in 2nd ch from hk (8)

Rd 2: 2sc around (16)

Rd 3: (sc,2sc) around (24)

Rd 4-9: sc around (24)

Rd 10: (sc, sc2tog) around (16)

Pause here to create facial features:


Cut two pieces of white felt larger than the safety eyes. Cut a small hole in the middle.  Insert safety eyes into the felt. Insert the safety eyes between rd 6 and 7 of the head, approx 3 stitches apart.  Sew the felt to the face. Fasten the safety eyes.  Use grey yarn to embroider the angry looking eyelids.

Stuff the head.


Rd 1: In white, ch 2, 5 sc in 2nd ch from hk (5)

Rd 2-3: sc around.  sl st and fo

Use grey to embroider a mouth.  Cut a small piece of felt to be its tooth.  Drew a line down the middle if desired.  Use glue to attach the tip of the tooth to the mouth and sew into place before the glue hardens.  stuff the snout and sew onto the face.


cut thin slices of foam and glue to the face.  sew into place before the glue hardens, leaving the ends unattached.  use a dab of glue to harden the ends.

Ears (make 2) in white:

Rd 1: ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hk (6)

Rd 2: 2sc around (16)

Rd 3: sc around (16), sl st, fo and sew onto head


Ear centers (make 2) in pink

Rd 1:, ch 2, 6sc in 2nd ch from hk. sl st closed. fo.  sew to ears.


Continue working on the body:

Rd 11: (sc2tog) around (8)

Rd 12-15: sc around  (8)

Rd 16: increase in 2sc in the front center (tummy); otherwise sc around (12)

Rd 7: sc around (12)

Rd 17: sc2tog around (6) sl st, fO. Stuff and sew closed


Arms (repeat twice) in white:

Row 1: Attach white to rd 12 with a sl st and sc, sc beside the joining sc.  ch 5, sc down the ch (4) , sl st and fo,

Hands (repeat twice) in pink:

Row 1: attach pink to end of arm with a sl st and sc, sc beside it. sl st and fo.  Sew ends back and forth to shape your hand. fo.


Legs (make 2) in white:

Row 1: ch 6, sc in 2nd ch from hk and in next 4 ch (5)

Rd 2-4 sc across (5).  sl st, fo.  fold in half, sew closed.  sew to body.


Tail in pink:

attach to center bottom with a sl and sc. ch 19.  sew to back of head to keep the tail in place if desired.


Enjoy your own Mr. Feng!

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